Tier2Tickets Official Documentation

This is the official knowledge base of tier2tickets and helpdeskbuttons. We are building it out as we go and we may not have the information you are looking for here yet. If you are having problems figuring something out, and you can’t find it here, let us know and we will get it figured out together.


We have an official Support Forum where we hope to engage with community and share and learn together.


We have official support by email and phone:

You can email us at support@tier2.tech

Here is a list of our phone numbers by region where we can be reached 7AM - 9PM EST:

Region Main Number Conference / Meeting Line
United States & Canada +1 (833) 328-8866 +1 (877) 328-0007
United Kingdom +44 (0)800-229-4935 +44 (0)800-229-4931
New Zealand +64 4-830-3449 +64 4-831-0769
Ireland +353 1800-945-302 +353 1800-945-301
Netherlands +31 800-4890489 +31 800-0202758


If you would like to help improve our products by submitting a bug report, please file them on our official github page. For feature requests, please post here.