Set Shortcut

You can set the shortcut via commandline as you install the Tier2Tickets/Helpdesk Buttons software. If you need to update after deployment, these are some methods for doing so.

For a Single Device (Manual)

If your predetermined shortcut key isn’t working for a specific user, you can change that combination in the Desktop Shortcut Properties menu.




For Multiple Devices (Powershell)

The syntax for this PowerShell function is simple: You just list the things you want to change about a shortcut after passing in the shortcut path, i.e. :

Set-Shortcut linkPath hotkey location arguments targetPath

If you only want to change the shortcut you can leave the rest blank so the command will look like this:

Set-Shortcut C:\Users\Public\Desktop\"Helpdesk Button.lnk" f11

function Set-Shortcut {
  begin {
	$shell = New-Object -ComObject WScript.Shell

  process {
	$link = $shell.CreateShortcut($LinkPath)

	$PSCmdlet.MyInvocation.BoundParameters.GetEnumerator() |
	  Where-Object { $_.key -ne 'LinkPath' } |
	  ForEach-Object { $link.$($_.key) = $_.value }

To Remove a Hotkey

To remove a Hotkey from use, follow the above process and instead of setting a function key, set the key to null, as following:

Set-Shortcut C:\Users\Public\Desktop\"Helpdesk Button.lnk" ""

From the Device Management Page

You can find a tool that will send a command to change your shortcuts on the users desktop on our Device Management page.