Change Log

Here is a running change-log of the website and the software.


Integration Status
4me Functional
Accelo Functional
Atera Functional
Autotask Functional
ConnectWise Manage Functional
ERPNext Functional
Freshdesk Functional
Freshservice Functional
HaloPSA/ITSM Functional
Kaseya BMS Functional
osTicket Functional
RepairShopr Functional
Syncro Functional
Service Now Functional
Topdesk Functional
Zendesk Functional
SuperOps Incompatible
Ninja One Incompatible



  • Gui 2.5 (Third Pass)
    • Ability to make additional information page mandatory (phone number page)
      • The way ticket submissions are handled on our side needs some tweeking on both the UI and Backend for this to work
    • Dialog Error messages able to be edited


  • Gui 2.48 (Second Pass): To make sure we get it out before the years end I prioritized the simpler changes
    • On the beta subdomain
    • requires version 1.1.37 or greater
    • All text fields editable (Almost)
    • Ability to hide checkboxes, radio buttons, or both
    • Ablilty to auto submit consent page
    • Ability to skip phone number validation on contact page
    • Updated look and feel a bit
      • required fields are red
      • appropriate pages are shown on submit if a required field is blank
      • pages can be linked to specifically using the “page” parameter (
      • added variables to some fields and added reminders for fields that allow variables


Coming soon:
  • GUI 2.5 (Second Pass)
    • All text fields editable
    • Ability to hide checkboxes, radio buttons, or both
    • Ablilty to skip consent page
    • Ability to make additional information page mandatory (phone number page)


  • Integration Settings
    • Added toggle to view your api key in case you mistype it
  • Tier2Assists
    • Added more examples for tier2assists to match the examples in the documentation
      • Time Based - if you want to do something based on the time of day
      • Big Example (Tier2AI) - an example for doing multple things using the Tier2AI
      • Based on Domain - doing an operation based on the email domain of the enduser


  • User Interface (on the beta site)
    *GUI 2.0 is here! (First Pass)
    • The layout is simpler and easier to understand
    • The functionality is the same as the original GUI page
    • Future plans are:
      • to finish out all the text fields
      • add some limited customization options (adding / removing fields)
      • (maybe) add a way to store multiple versions of the form and tie them to custom fields
      • let us know if you have any other suggestions


  • Integration Settings
    • Diasble screenshots globally via checkbox
    • Mouseover api-key to reveal
  • Device Management
    • CSV Report now has tags, domain, and serial
    • Fix issue with tags having issues with specific special characters
    • New/Updated Tools
      • Sorted in alphabetical order
      • Pin Icon to taskbar
      • New Remote Report Form
        • has (nearly) all the fields the user gets but it should still be quick to fillout
  • Ticket Dashboard is now Diagnostic Report History
    • Fixed issues with autorefresh and sounds playing properly
  • Billing
    • added override for billing email address
    • fixed login issue with subaccounts when accounts were suspended
  • Registration Page
    • Redesigned Page
  • Remote Settings
    • fixed some coloring issues
  • Report
    • software processes are now sortable
    • added used/total memory usage
    • added CPU information
    • Now viewable on MacOs and IOs Devices
  • Setup Wizard
    • Dragable
    • Floating Open Wizard button for easy access
  • Multifactor
    • removeed captcha for people who like to browse without cookies
  • Subaccounts
    • changed admin to administration for clarity
  • Logs
    • sortable and searchable
*Coming soon:
  • Gui 2.0


  • Getting Started Wizard (NEW FEATURE)
    • A wizard has been added that can be accessed via the main navigation menu (it also shows up the first time you log in).
    • It guides you through what we think are the minimum necessary steps to get your integration up and running
    • The entire process can be done in just a few minutes
  • Set default subdomain (NEW FEATURE)
    • The config icon in the top right corner now gives each user the ability to see the beta version of the website
    • as we are working on things we put things up on beta to be tested for major bugs before they go to the live (account) site
    • if you are not on the live site a blue banner across the top will remind you
  • Custom Tags (NEW FEATURE)
    • These new tags can be added to endpoints via the device management page
    • tags can help you filter your endpoints
    • a “default” tag of No Custom Tag is added to endpoints for convenience
    • can invert tag and search values for convenience
  • Popup Notifications (NEW FEATURE)
    • Simple popup messages can be sent to computers in addition to the toast notifications via the device management page
  • Update/Add Desktop Shortcut (NEW FEATURE)
    • Ability to change/add the desktop icon remotely
      • Change name, refresh icon, change shortcut on one or multiple machines
  • GUI customization
    • blank QR Code redirect is now branded with the partner’s logo
  • Billing Emails
    • Fixed error where billing invoices or notification emails did not get properly delivered
  • Failover Email overrides
    • Added QR Code/Ticket Email override to all integrations so failure tickets can be routed properly
  • Integration Test Button
    • Fixed error where the Integration Test Button would not be locked when changing some fields.
  • Deployment Page Clarification
    • Made it more clear that the deployment options are related to the scripts not the MSI
  • Navigation Bug fix
    • Navigation sometimes caused automation alert windows to not display
  • Auto Reporting bug fix
    • ttl caused automatic reports to only last a few hours
  • More Action Logging based on the new features


  • 2 Factor Authentication page
    • changed to not appear as a password
  • Account Information page
    • Enable all reports and submission errors boxes
  • Integration Settings
    • added an override for the email connector
  • Branding
    • added a way to check transparency of the icons
  • Remote Access Page gets new settings
    • settings
    • Disable 1 hour limitation on Remote Access tools
    • Auto magically add reports for tickets that are not put in via tier2tickets software for Autotask, Syncro, and ConnectWise Manage (requires webhooks)
  • Device Management
    • New tool related to
    • Remote Uninstall should also blacklist any online endpoints that cannot be accessed directly
  • Diagnostic Reports
    • Added integration
    • Software version added to report
  • Subaccounts
    • Remote Access permission added
  • More Action Logging on various pages


  • Device management
    • optimizations that make the page load faster
    • tools list added to accommodate Remote Access Options
    • last user field added
    • online/offline indicators changed and checkboxes allowing only these to be shown
  • New Remote Access Page.
    • Tier2Terminal
    • Remote Diagnostics
  • Profile Settings
    • updated with new icons
    • reset password link fixed
    • name sometimes not showing properly fixed
  • Subaccounts Page redesigned to be easier to understand
    • Permissions list for each user
    • Can be changed via CSV
  • Branding Page
    • updated with reset to default buttons
    • can adjust to fit more screen sizes
  • Download and Deploy Page redesigned
    • allow deployment customization on the page instead of requiring script manipulation
    • only allow building of General Availability if Release Candidate is not ready for testing
    • additional information available about deployment status
    • can adjust to fit more screen sizes
  • Diagnostic Report loading changed: visiting a report before it has completed loading works better


  • Device Management, sort by Domain and Serial Number.
  • Email Disclaimer.
  • Integration Field Validation.
  • Changed the naming conventions for our builds (“Alpha” “Beta” “Stable” to “Release Candidate” and “General Availability”.)


  • Added support for Tier2AI to the dispatcher rules automations


  • Notifications
  • Tier2Forms now integrates with Cognito Forms
  • Expanded the report to include new diagnostics


  • Added Automations Platform to site including
  • Device Management improvements
    • Filter and sort endpoints
    • Send notifications to endpoints
    • Remove and remotely uninstall endpoints
  • Updated the Navigation menu
  • Separated User interface, Account Administration, and Integration Settings pages
  • Updated Integration settings
    • Opt in remote access tool
    • Auto remove inactive endpoints checkbox
  • Updated subaccount permissions for automations and new navigation menu


  • Implemented new 99.99% uptime guarantee SLA
  • Added Geo IP Whitelisting
  • Added Anonymous IP login Blocking
  • Added Breached Password Protection
  • Device list is now sortable and searchable
  • Added an Account Settings widget to Settings and Home pages
  • Added Copy MSI URL to Builds page.
  • Improvements to 2fa new user registration process
  • Added “Remember This Computer” on the 2fa login
  • Added Get started documentation
  • Building a new installer has been sped up by a factor of 20
  • Append to Private Note through our update to Advanced Options / Custom Rules.


  • Added better documentation throughout the site
  • Added helpful links to the ticket report page


  • Added support for custom rules in the advanced integration configuration
  • Added the ability to test integration against each of dev/beta/stable branch


  • Added support for arbitrary file uploads by custom scripts.


  • Added an anti-virus scanner for payload uploads




  • Gui 2.5
    • Ability to make additional information page mandatory (phone number page)
      • The way ticket submissions are handled on our side needs some tweeking on both the UI and Backend for this to work
    • Dialog Error messages able to be edited



  • Gui 2.5 Update
    • All text fields editable (Almost)
      • Error Dialogs are not editable yet
    • Ability to hide checkboxes, radio buttons, or both
    • Ablilty to auto submit consent page
    • Ability to skip phone number validation on contact page






  • Halo Integration
    • fixed a display bug that occurs when there is a very long message (word wrap)
    • fixed a display bug that occurs when using halo in dark mode


  • Added support for account-wide screenshot collection disabling



  • Added additional processor info diagnostic collection
  • Reworked diagnostic module into more modular form to allow code sharing with



  • Worked around an edge case in which sometimes no screenshots would be submitted if buttonhelper.exe is not running



  • Bumped up some timeout values



  • Created a 5 second timeout on both the custom and built-in Identity Provider. This will prevent anyone waiting more than 10 seconds for the first screen
  • integration
  • Auto magically add reports for tickets that are not put in via tier2tickets software for Autotask, Syncro, and ConnectWise Manage (requires webhooks)



  • Fixed a bug in which the gui would hang when using the custom powershell script append feature
  • Added support for configurable ticket TTL in the remote ticket creation API.



  • Added support for generating a diagnostic report remotely
  • Fixed a bug in which the Tier2Assists would fail to display always



  • Fixed a bug in which the buttonhelper process would use ~5% CPU constantly on terminal servers in which more than one user was logged in
  • Fixed a bug in which the terminal server reports would show network data missing error unless “desktop experience” feature was installed
  • Fixed a bug in which computers with no printer would fail in gathering data about other hardware as well
  • Fixed a bug in which the Tier2Assists would fail to display if using the json_get or json_post functions anywhere



  • Fixed a bug in which the buttonhelper process would continue to use high resources after diagnostic submission.
  • Fixed a bug in which several buttonhelper process may spawn where there should only be one
  • Fixed an installer bug in which the install would fail if SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run was not writable
  • Fixed an installer bug in which silent install would fail on terminal servers and computers where more than one user was logged in
  • Fixed a bug where buttonhelper could not start on terminal servers
  • Fixed a bug where the GUI would continue running in the background after closing it



  • The diagnostic-gathering logic has been completely rewritten and is now an order of magnitude faster.
  • The library responsible for handling TLS has been swapped-out with a more reliable one for systems with self-signed trusted root certificates
  • Debug logging has been improved
  • Added auto-close feature to prevent API errors from 60-minute timeout being surpassed.
  • Fixed a display bug where the wrong email address would sometimes be displayed on the submission-confirmation page.
  • Upgraded from python 3.6 to 3.8
  • Added more logic to terminal server screenshot handling to keep memory usage lower



  • In cases where the software is being used on a terminal server, there was potential for CPU overload when several users were logged in. This version contains logic for the application to monitor all instances of itself and throttle itself by dropping screenshot frames or compressing those frames more slowly if needed in order to target <= 15% CPU usage.



  • Running the software by clicking the icon now uses named-pipe based RPC rather than an emulated-HID so there are no longer conflicts with other software that may be running and it should work with all keyboard layouts now.
  • Fixed a bug in which hundreds of temp files get created over time and not cleaned up.



  • Automatic addition of Assets and Configurations for Syncro, ConnectWise, and Autotask Check out our documentation for more details
  • Pinned to Taskbar Icon Update: Added improvements to our PTTB feature, including a smarter install with icon-cache-clearing
  • Warranty section of PressView Updated



  • Tier2AI now supports a result[‘best_match’] for categories that are not necessarily close enough to include in result[‘matches’]
  • Fixed a bug in which the loading spinner would not animate while processing “is_before_ticket_submit = True” tier2assist automation rules
  • Implemented a workaround for a Windows bug that prevented uninstalling the software because of the Windows Event Log Service



  • Added support for Tier2AI



  • Added the ability to display tier2assist actions before ticket submission using is_before_ticket_submit variable
  • Fixed bug in which tier2assist actions were not displayed in the order in which they were added
  • Added support for json_post() and json_get() in tier2assist to gracefully handle non-json responses
  • Allowed custom fields in the GUI to support Unicode characters.



  • Fixed a bug in which the software would not launch if appdata is redirected and the end-user already has the software running on another computer sharing the same appdata folder.
  • Added support for automatically pinning the icon to the taskbar



  • Added integration with Microsoft Active Directory, Azure Active Directory, Novell Directory Services, Microsoft Exchange, and Custom Identity Providers



  • Phone number validation now supports the international number format so that all countries can use the software.



  • Fixed the message on the last page “Thank you, {name}” where name would be incorrect in the case of unregistered user ticket submission
  • Fixed some formatting on the main landing page so that it better handles longer text.
  • Added support for GUI color customization by putting a “custom.css” file in the same place as the custom scripts
  • Made it impossible to start the software incorrectly by clicking the incorrect exe in the program installation directory
  • The software has been renamed to “Tier2Tickets” from “Helpdesk Buttons” (This applies retroactively to the entire 1.1 branch on new builds)
  • Changed the NTP server used for internal time-synchronization of t2t service from to



  • fixed an edge case where the submission would hang forever if the t2tservice has never in the past been able to contact the server.



  • fixed an edge case where a well-timed mouse-scroll during software startup would cause memory corruption and the buttonhelper process would stop responding.



  • improved the exponential backoff logic in the Tier2Service websocket connection
  • added support for the windows certificate store to all TLS requests so that security software whitelisting is not as necessary
  • switched API version to 1.0 branch.
  • patched the websocket library to tolerate additional headers added by proxy servers to the authentication request.


  • fixed: pid lock was broken and two copies of the software could be opened causing conflict and sometimes crashing
  • added support for the ‘random’ and ‘re’ modules for tier2assist


  • Added support for new Tier2Assist and Tier2Forms features


  • Fixed bug in which getting the last logged in user caused high CPU load on domain controllers
  • Fixed bug in which duplicate macs were created when the software is installed on hyper-v
  • Fixed bug in which the software would launch twice on a single button press on terminal servers in which there are two open sessions of the same username
  • Added GUI support for client-side custom rules


  • Fixed more issues with windows scaling Thanks @chavousc
  • Fixed bug where business name validation error message would trigger before the user even entered business name
  • Fixed issue where webroot would cause animation not to upload
  • Improved debug logging on failed diag data collection.
  • increased performance of the remote access tool.


  • Added support accepting push commands
  • Fixed UI issues with windows scaling


  • Added support for remote command prompt


  • Added more customizable text on main gui page
  • Added the ability to remove button and text from the left side of the gui page


  • Added button to do stuff on the the left side of the GUI main page.


  • Added the ability to put in a ticket using a QR code on internet outage.
  • Optimized the GUI to launch a little faster on button press.
  • Bug fixes


  • Added support for the following new information in the report: device errors, windows update list, disk smart errors, recent BSOD info, OS build number


  • Fixed phone number validation for the UK
  • Made phone number validation less bad for the rest of the world


  • Added support for very large monitor configs (up to 5 4k monitors)
  • CPU and memory improvements for screen captures
  • Auto-Skipping of company info screen if name/email is the same as last time
  • The error page gives detailed error information


  • Fixed issue where scrolling up and down quickly would cause very high CPU spike in buttonhelper.exe


  • Made uploads more robust by handling situations where the files to be uploaded are in use by an AV scan.
  • Made the software clear the upload folder on program exit. This should help address permissions issues


  • Changed “Problem Description” page to say “Problem/Request Description”




  • Fixed a bug where non-admins would get buttonhelper error at log on.
  • Fixed a possible race condition when writing to log file






  • bug fixes