Known Issues

Here is a running list of Known Issues regarding software, hardware, and process. If you’re having a problem, please don’t hesitate to email us at We pride ourselves on fixing things quickly for our partners; however, as a small team, there are a few things that we have to put on a schedule. This list is intended to provide transparency and clarity as we work hard on continuing to provide a high-quality product for our partners.

Tier2Tickets API/Backend

  1. T2T-API.1001: Connectwise Manage Integration sometimes submits multiple duplicate tickets (1-2 typically, sometimes 5-10!).
  • Work-Around: This is a direct result of the CWM API; let support know you are experiencing duplicated we can extend the timeout for our service to minimize impact.
  • Projected Solution/ETR: Async handling TBD

Tier2Tickets GUI

  1. T2T-GUI.1001: Allow for Multi-lingual translations (Localization)
  • Work-Around: For accounts needing a single non-english 90% of GUI content is fully customizable. For accounts requiring several languages, we will create a new T2T account for you and apply billing discounts as per your total endpoints.
  • Projected Solution/ETR: To customize full multi-tenancy, T2T will first require a better RMM integration to capture and organize customers with granularity. Fully-customizable strings estimated 2022 Q3.

  1. LWM.1001: Background doesn’t match when initiating connection
  • Work-Around: This is just a placeholder for Elizabeth to remember the thing she needs to style.
  • Projected Solution/ETR: Elizabeth will style it, in theory.

Helpdesk Buttons

  1. HDB.1001: Only connection is USB 2.0. Requests for 3.0 and Bluetooth Options.
  • Work-Around: Plug the keyboard/mouse into the hub button. Now you have two extra USB3 ports available on your PC.
  • Projected Solution/ETR: Currently these options are generally cost-prohibitive. We wanted Helpdesk Buttons to be affordable and profitable and decided to not pursue these options. However, for partners that have a big budget for this, we are open to talking about one-off orders: email us at