Change Log

Here is a running change-log of the website and the software.



  • Implemented new 99.99% uptime guarantee SLA
  • Added Geo IP Whitelisting
  • Added Anonymous IP login Blocking
  • Added Breached Password Protection
  • Device list is now sortable and searchable
  • Added an Account Settings widget to Settings and Home pages
  • Added Copy MSI URL to Builds page.
  • Improvements to 2fa new user registration process
  • Added “Remember This Computer” on the 2fa login
  • Added Get started documentation
  • Building a new installer has been sped up by a factor of 20
  • Append to Private Note through our update to Advanced Options / Custom Rules.


  • Added better documentation throughout the site
  • Added helpful links to the ticket report page


  • Added support for custom rules in the advanced integration configuration
  • Added the ability to test integration against each of dev/beta/stable branch


  • Added support for arbitrary file uploads by custom scripts.


  • Added an anti-virus scanner for payload uploads





  • Added integration with Microsoft Active Directory, Azure Active Directory, Novell Directory Services, Microsoft Exchange, and Custom Identity Providers


  • Phone number validation now supports the international number format so that all countries can use the software.


  • Fixed the message on the last page “Thank you, {name}” where name would be incorrect in the case of unregistered user ticket submission
  • Fixed some formatting on the main landing page so that it better handles longer text.
  • Added support for GUI color customization by putting a “custom.css” file in the same place as the custom scripts
  • Made it impossible to start the software incorrectly by clicking the incorrect exe in the program installation directory
  • The software has been renamed to “Tier2Tickets” from “Helpdesk Buttons” (This applies retroactively to the entire 1.1 branch on new builds)
  • Changed the NTP server used for internal time-synchronization of t2t service from to


  • fixed an edge case where the submission would hang forever if the t2tservice has never in the past been able to contact the server.


  • fixed an edge case where a well-timed mouse-scroll during software startup would cause memory corruption and the buttonhelper process would stop responding.


  • improved the exponential backoff logic in the Tier2Service websocket connection
  • added support for the windows certificate store to all TLS requests so that security software whitelisting is not as necessary
  • switched API version to 1.0 branch.
  • patched the websocket library to tolerate additional headers added by proxy servers to the authentication request.


  • fixed: pid lock was broken and two copies of the software could be opened causing conflict and sometimes crashing
  • added support for the ‘random’ and ‘re’ modules for tier2assist


  • Added support for new Tier2Assist and Tier2Forms features


  • Fixed bug in which getting the last logged in user caused high CPU load on domain controllers
  • Fixed bug in which duplicate macs were created when the software is installed on hyper-v
  • Fixed bug in which the software would launch twice on a single button press on terminal servers in which there are two open sessions of the same username
  • Added GUI support for client-side custom rules


  • Fixed more issues with windows scaling Thanks @chavousc
  • Fixed bug where business name validation error message would trigger before the user even entered business name
  • Fixed issue where webroot would cause animation not to upload
  • Improved debug logging on failed diag data collection.
  • increased performance of the remote access tool.


  • Added support accepting push commands
  • Fixed UI issues with windows scaling


  • Added support for remote command prompt


  • Added more customizable text on main gui page
  • Added the ability to remove button and text from the left side of the gui page


  • Added button to do stuff on the the left side of the GUI main page.


  • Added the ability to put in a ticket using a QR code on internet outage.
  • Optimized the GUI to launch a little faster on button press.
  • Bug fixes


  • Added support for the following new information in the report: device errors, windows update list, disk smart errors, recent BSOD info, OS build number


  • Fixed phone number validation for the UK
  • Made phone number validation less bad for the rest of the world


  • Added support for very large monitor configs (up to 5 4k monitors)
  • CPU and memory improvements for screen captures
  • Auto-Skipping of company info screen if name/email is the same as last time
  • The error page gives detailed error information


  • Fixed issue where scrolling up and down quickly would cause very high CPU spike in buttonhelper.exe


  • Made uploads more robust by handling situations where the files to be uploaded are in use by an AV scan.
  • Made the software clear the upload folder on program exit. This should help address permissions issues


  • Changed “Problem Description” page to say “Problem/Request Description”




  • Fixed a bug where non-admins would get buttonhelper error at log on.
  • Fixed a possible race condition when writing to log file






  • bug fixes