Autotask Integration

This guide will show you how to set up your new Helpdesk Buttons with Autotask. You will need an administrative login for Autotask.

API User

The first step involves configuring an API user in Autotask.

In the main Autotask menu, select Admin and then Resources.


Click the ‘New’ button to open the new user window.

Set up the account as normal. Make sure that the Security Level is set to ‘API User (System)’, and the Integration Vendor in the API Tracking Identifier section is set to ‘Helpdesk Buttons - Tier2Tickets’. Also take note of the username and the password since you will need them later.


Unregistered User

You will also have to create a contact for any unregistered users to show up as when they submit a ticket.

Open the contacts page.


Click the ‘New’ button to create this contact.

Set the First name to be ‘Unregistered’ and the last name to be ‘User’ like shown

Also set the Email Address for this contact to be ‘’ like shown


When you are finished, click ‘Save and Close’.

With that finished, now you will need to configure your information on the Helpdesk Button website. Settings

Log into your account and browse to Settings or go to

Under the Ticket System dropdown, select Autotask


Enter your Ticket System API endpoint as shown (do not add add https:// or the path after the url)

Your Ticket System API key is in the format of ‘username@domain:password’

For instance in our example, the username for the API account we created earlier is and we set the password to 1SuperSecurePassword@MG.

This would result in the Ticket System API key being formatted like

Once you have entered this information, click Update.

At this point, the integration should be working. You can test this by pressing the button and submitting a ticket.

If you have trouble, give us a call and we can remote in you (833) 328-8866

API Access Settings

For those of you who want to restrict the access the API user has, here is the security access we need: (a custom security level will need to be created and assigned to us with these permissions):

  • CRM/Customer & Cancelations/Permission - All (For checking user and company data like address and email addresses)
  • Service Desk/Tickets/View - All
  • Service Desk/Tickets/Add - Yes (Creating tickets)
  • Service Desk/Tickets/Edit - Yes (Adding Notes to tickets)

Advanced Integration Options

This is the list of variables that can be accessed when using the Custom Rules.

Read/Write Read Only
priority selections
ticketStatus contactName
queue email
type ip
message append
subject hostname
source mac