Best Practices For Client Adoption

Many users will start using Helpdesk Buttons and Tier2Tickets easily with no instruction at all. However, you may have some users who are used to putting in tickets in certain ways (or not at all!). In order to maximize adoption and get the biggest benefit from the Tier2Tickets software, we recommend the following:

If Tier2Tickets is not a part of your standard process or your techs aren’t used to looking at the link or it isn’t consistent then it won’t get a lot of use and you will be disappointed with the outcome. So we recommend a full deployment. We offer a lot of specialty onboarding services to ensure a smooth launch.

1) Use Tier2Tickets/Helpdesk Buttons for User Verification and Immediate Diagnostic submission.

While easy and requiring no training, the single best way to encourage user adoption is to give end users intentional practice using this new process. When a user calls to submit a ticket or attempts to grab a technician in the hallway, train your techs to guide the user to trigger the Tier2Tickets/Helpdesk Buttons software and walk them through the process. You will then have automatic documentation and diagnostics on the user’s problem, and in the case of phone calls, it’s a great way to affirm the user’s identity and workstation.

2) Distribute the How-to Guide

Prior to – or during – setup, distribute The How-to Guide to end users. We also provide an editable version as an INDD file that you can customize with your logo and standard function key setting. This one-page handout explains what it is and how to use it. You can also use the guide it in your marketing bundle! (Our MSP sister company actually includes a fully functional button that they give out in their MSP marketing binder) Let your end users know that they can use the buttons to put in tickets even if their computer is offline.

3) Make Tier2Tickets/Helpdesk Buttons your end users’ “one-stop-shop”.

If you use a ticketing portal link on end user desktops, consider removing it. You can specify your portal link and logo to show up on the first GUI page of the Tier2Tickets software itself and you’ll find this is a much cleaner workflow. Removing these shortcuts will encourage the end users to use the software to submit tickets while still retaining the ability to use your portal directly when it is most appropriate and this will remove customer confusion as to which link to use.

4) Edit your email responder

If you accept tickets via e-mail currently, consider adding instructions to your autoresponder. Our MSP uses the following:

Subject: We received your Normal Priority Ticket. Message: “Thank you, we have received your request and your normal-priority ticket has been created. Do you have an urgent or high-priority request? For immediate diagnostics, triage, and dispatch, please submit a ticket via your Helpdesk Button.

5) Edit your phone messages

You also may consider adding a recording in your phone system to the same effect as above. Our is: “Our first available technician will be with you shortly. For the fastest service, you can also submit a ticket via your Helpdesk Button or icon on your desktop computer. This gives our technicians a huge head start on your issues and is the fastest way to get them resolved.”

6) Add us to your RMM tray icon

Many RMM tools have their own system tray icon. We find that very few of our end users have ever used it, but a few select ones do. If your RMM supports it, we recommending adding an option to this menu for “submit a support ticket” that will launch the Tier2Tickets software. We have guides available on how to do this for a few RMM’s already in the deployment section of our knowledge base.

7) Sign up for a White Glove Onboarding

We can just do all of this for you and a whole lot more if you want. Talk to your account manager about a White Glove Onboarding.