Best Practices For Client Adoption

Many users will start using Helpdesk Buttons and Tier2Tickets easily with no instruction at all. However, you may have some users who are used to putting in tickets in certain ways like email, phone or text, or not at all! In order to encourage users of all ability levels to submit the perfect ticket, every time, our most successful partners have implements some combination of at least the first (if not all five!) of the following best practices as they deploy our software.

We offer specialty onboarding services to ensure a smooth launch. Email us at if you’d like to talk to our Onboarding team.

  1. Win over your Techs
  2. Make it easy for your customers, your way
  3. Communicate with your Customers
  4. Use Tier2Tickets with your other customer-facing processes

1) Win over your Techs with our toolset.

Tier2Tickets is a workflow improvement tool: you’ll see big wins when it is a part of your standard process. How you may choose to implement may vary with your culture or set up, but many of our partners do the following:

a. Make sure your Technicians can access their account and tools consistently.

Use Tier2Tickets as a tool for all of your clients, not just a select group of endpoints, and train your technicians to expect and review the report, instant replay, and other tools. Get them set up with their own Sub-Account and permissions so they can get started. (Most techs benefit from having access to ticket-report, ticket-dashboard, and device-management.)

Make sure they know how to view Assets for supported ticketing systems and pull a report or create a ticket on demand and can use our Remote access tool,! You can also share our training video for a general overview of the tools available to your team.

b. Deploy on all endpoints, so your techs consistently have everything they need.

Our custom deployment scripts ignore computers that already have functional installs of the Tier2Tickets software so we recommend setting up these scripts to run on all your endpoints two times a day.

A note on testing and deployment

We get that you want to test out Tier2 Tickets and make sure that everything is operating as expected. While you will see anecdotal evidence of a good fit in your system with a small 1-2 customer run, we recommend as a best practice that our Partners take a few steps in fairly rapid succession, with a week maximum in between steps:

  • Stage 1. Test internally/Introduce Tier2Tickets to Technicians
  • (Optional) Stage 2. Deploy to a few customers as proof of concept and technician training
  • Stage 3. Deploy widely to all customers

We offer Onboarding support and Complimentary service when onboarding. If you haven’t claimed your free service yet, email us at

2) Make it easy for your customers, YOUR way.

Humans are visual! You’ll get the best adoption by making your ticketing process through Tier2Tickets blatant and obvious. We offer several methods of triggering our software, and we recommend using some combination of the following to train your customers to launch Tier2Tickets:

  • the Helpdesk Button, with your branding on it
  • a desktop icon, edited if you’d like with your brand,
  • the pinned-to-taskbar icon, edited if you’d like with your brand, but make sure it says “HELP” very clearly!, and/or
  • a HELP decal on the keyboard hotkey of your choice.

3) Communicate with your Customers

Let your users know that you’re implementing a new tool that is going to help them get impossibly easy and efficient service. Many customers are proud to know that they can now help their technicians solve problems faster and with less frustration. This is a team effort, after all! We even have a sample email we’ve written that you can send out to your customers to announce your adoption of Helpdesk Buttons! Sample Email linked here

Encourage user adoption by giving your customers intentional practice using this new process, whether on-the-fly in the field, during planned meetings/training sessions/Lunch-and-Learns, or sharing a How-To Sheet.

i. In the Field

When users call in: Use Tier2Tickets for User Verification and immediate diagnostic collection.

When a user calls to submit a ticket or attempts to grab a technician in the hallway, train your techs to guide the user to trigger the Tier2Tickets software and walk them through the process. You will then have automatic documentation and diagnostics on the user’s problem, and in the case of phone calls, it’s a great way to affirm the user’s identity and workstation with our proprietary Human Factor verification.

When a technician is on-site

Have an on-site tech take a minute to walk each person through submitting a ticket and explain to your customers that doing this small action gives them the power to help resolve their problems faster.

ii. Planned Meetings/Training/Lunch and Learns

Bring your customer coffee and donuts or host a Lunch and Learn to cover any office-specific conversations you needed to have anyway. Walk them through the ticket submission process, how to submit a ticket, and even show them parts of the report so they understand how much they’re helping themselves when they submit a ticket versus calling or emailing you.

iii. Provide users you can’t train with a custom How-to Guide

Another method of training your customers can be an email or printed handout of our The How-to Guide to each user. In our Marketing Collateral section, we also provide an editable version as an INDD file that you can customize with your logo and standard function key setting. This one-page handout explains what Tier2Tickets/Helpdesk Buttons are and how to use them. You can also use the guide it in your marketing bundle! (Our MSP sister company actually includes a fully functional button that they give out in their MSP marketing binder). Let your customers know that they can use the buttons to put in tickets even if their computer is offline.

4) Work Tier2Tickets into your other customer-facing processes

Make Tier2Tickets your Customers’ “single pane of glass”.

If you use a ticketing portal link on customer desktops, consider removing it. You can specify your portal link and logo to show up on the first GUI page of the Tier2Tickets software itself and you’ll find this is a much cleaner workflow. Removing these shortcuts will encourage the customers to use the software to submit tickets while still retaining the ability to use your portal directly when it is most appropriate and this will remove customer confusion as to which link to use. We have also added the ability to auto-add our report to tickets created, regardless of the source, if Assets are linked. Use us side-by-side with your portal of choice!

Add Tier2Tickets to your RMM tray icon

Many RMM tools have their own system tray icon. We find that very few of our customers have ever used it, but a few select ones do. If your RMM supports it, we recommending adding an option to this menu for “submit a support ticket” that will launch the Tier2Tickets software. We have guides available on how to do this for a few RMM’s already in the deployment section of our knowledge base.

Give your Customers a Carrot vs. a Stick.

A common practice we’ve seen partners employ is to give your customers gentle incentives to encourage them to submit tickets by Tier2Tickets. Sometimes that looks like tickets submitted via Tier2Tickets higher priority than tickets from email and telephone. Other partners have a special tiered rate of service for customers who submit a pre-determined percentage of tickets through Tier2Tickets/Helpdesk Buttons.

by Email

If you accept tickets via e-mail currently, consider adding instructions to your autoresponder. Our MSP uses the following:

Subject: We received your Normal Priority Ticket.
Message: “Thank you, we have received your request and your normal-priority ticket has been created. Do you have an urgent or high-priority request? For immediate diagnostics, triage, and dispatch, please submit a ticket via your Helpdesk Button.

by Phone

You also may consider adding a recording in your phone system to the same effect as above. Our is: “Our first available technician will be with you shortly. For the fastest service, you can also submit a ticket via your Helpdesk Button or icon on your desktop computer. This gives our technicians a huge head start on your issues and is the fastest way to get them resolved.” We can just do all of this for you and a whole lot more if you want. Shoot us an email at