Getting Started with Helpdesk Buttons

1) Customize your software

  1. Login to your account. The first time you log in to your account, we create a basic version of your software as an MSI that you can download and test out right away with the email connector and Helpdesk Buttons branding active.
  2. Customize and Download your Custom Software White label, set up your API integration with your PSA, modify the text, and otherwise make our software yours with the tools under Software Management, starting with Integration Settings.
  3. Try it out and further tie together your stack through Automations Download your custom MSI and test it out. Envision how much your customers will enjoy it.

2) Deploy to all of your endpoints

We have a link to that aforementioned MSI as well as custom Powershell and Batch scripts for deploying on your Deployment page, Additionally we have some guides on how to deploy with some of the more popular RMM tools in the deployment section of the documents. If you want additional assistance, we offer our welcome and service packages during which our development team can assist and complete all of this for you. These are also linked through the buy page, but you can visit the shop directly, here: Welcome Packs.

3) Order buttons

To order physical buttons, you can visit our Buy Page. If you want custom buttons, we work with art you send us (we request a 2-color SVG) and we get that set up for print and production as well as preprogramming with a link to your most recent software build, which can be installed with an extended (5s) button press. We also preprogram the Helpdesk Button-branded buttons with your build as well.

4) Further customize and enjoy the extensibility of Helpdesk Buttons

We know that your business flow is going to differ from our hundreds of other clients, so we’re constantly building out better methods for you to take the reins on what information is being collected and how close of an integration you’d like with your PSA. With each ticket submitted to you, you will receive the same self-diagnosing report including real-time diagnostics and annotated screenshots, but with our Tier2Scripts, Dispatcher Rules, Tier2Assist Automations, and Tier2Forms, you can gather pertinent information, triage and process tickets before they’ve even hit your system, as well as offer end users valuable tasks that will make your job easier.

5) Learn more and connect with the Helpdesk Buttons community