This will eventually be a hub for controlling various types of communications between you, us and your end-users. Keep an eye out for future updates here.

Webhook Notifications

If your PSA supports webhooks for ticket events, we can use those webhooks to let your end-users know about ticket updates as they happen. There are a few steps to get this working.

Customize your Notifications

Before you get the webhooks up and running you may want to customize your notification templates and select which events you think are important to inform your users about. There are some keywords you can use that we will replace with data from the ticket/event itself:

__ticket_number__ The ticket number based on the numbering system of your PSA
__ticket_subject__ The ticket subject
__ticket_name__ The name of the contact associated with the ticket
__ticket_fname__ The first name of the contact associated with the ticket
__ticket_lname__ The last name of the contact associated with the ticket
__ticket_email__ The email address of the contact who submitted the ticket
__actor__ The name of the person who triggered the current event on the ticket

Note: Some of these fields are not specified in the event by the ticket system (particularly the actor), double check the integration documentation for your PSA/ticket system to see if any of these are unavailable to the one you are using

Set up a Webhook or Callback in your ticket system

Each ticket system will be a bit different for how this is done, so check the individual integration documentation pages for instructions specific to your PSA.

Accelo Webhook

Autotask Callout

Connectwise Manage Webhook

ERPNext Webhooks

FreshDesk Webhook

Repairshopr / Syncro Webhook

Zendesk Webhook

4me, Freshservice, ServiceNow, and TOPDesk notifications will be added to the development schedule based on community interest. If you are interested in assistance, please contact our team at and we’ll get you sorted!

Unfortunately, this feature is unavailable for systems that do not support webhooks, including Kaseya BMS, OSTicket, and the Email Connector.